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Welcome to DanZQuest! If you become a member of our company you will be a member of one of Wilmington’s most enjoyable, strongest and energetic performing companies!  At DanZQuest we consider all companies to be a TEAM.  In order for every “team” to excel, the commitment and support of every member is essential.  All company members must do their part to learn and perfect choreography and display a supportive, positive attitude towards themselves and their fellow dancers.  In order for each member to feel that they are being treated fairly, and to ensure that all dancers carry a fair load, the following rules have been implemented:

  • As a DanZQuest Company Member, we ask for several hours of your time each week.  Please make sure you keep school work / grades up to satisfaction.

  • Each member must buy their own shoes and should wear the proper clothing for all company classes.  Hair that falls below the shoulders should be ponytail/bun and bangs should be pulled away from your face. No large jewelry / hate will be worn in class.  Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the dancer being asked to observe all classes for which they are not dressed properly.  THIS WILL BE ENFORCED!!!!

  • No absences are allowed within 1 week of a performance unless the dancer is sick.  It will be determined by the teacher if a private is needed should this occur.  If a dancer is not sick and misses class they will be spaced out the performance. If you are going to be out of class, you are to call the studio at 397-2822.  Absences should be kept to an absolute minimum.  A company student will not be allowed to have more than 6 unexcused absences.  If the student misses more than 6 they will not be allowed to compete for the remainder of the season.  They will be allowed to attend class and continue to learn technique.   DanZQuest will not refund any money that has been paid to any upcoming competitions that the student will not be attending.  STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO MISS CLASS IF THEY HAVE SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS THAT ARE DUE OR SCHOOL RELATED PERFORMANCES THAT ARE REQUIRED.  HOWEVER THEY WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY HAVE MISSED IN CLASS.

  • All company members should have a DanZQuest shirt and jacket!!  Your jacket should be worn at all times at performances/competitions and on stage.

  • Dancers must be able to commit to all competitions before accepting a position as a DanZQuest Company Member. The competition schedule will be handed out by the end of September.  If a company member misses a competition that has not been excused by the teacher, they will be pulled from the remaining competitions for the season.

  • When a company member misses class or rehearsal, they are expected to learn missed material from a fellow dancer or should schedule a private lesson with the choreographer.  Choreography will not be re-taught in class for one student. 

  • When you accept the role as a DanZQuest Company Member, please realize that your commitment is for one year.  Within that year, you are not allowed to assume the role of student/company member of another studio within Wilmington or New Hanover County.

  •  We have an OPEN door policy and we are open to any problem, questions, or concerns that you might have.  You may call or leave a note in the payment box or email Mrs. Tanya @

  • Competition fees must be received by the due date or a $25 late fee will be applied. Late fees are non-refundable! Staff members will not call; you are responsible for keeping up with this by using the DanZQuest calendar on our website at

  • DanZQuest tuition MUST be current in order for a company member to participate in competitions.  NO MONEY will be applied to competition fees if tuition is NOT current!

  • You will receive an arrival time the week of a performance.  At competition you must arrive 2 hours early and be dressed and ready 1 hour before your dance time. By that time, make-up, hair and costumes should be in place.  Role will be called at the assigned time.  If the dancer is not present, they will not perform.

  • Companies are broken into several different classes; however we are all one company!!!  Each company dancer is expected to be at performances and to stay for all dances.  We are at competition to watch the students from the studio and to cheer them on. 

  • Company members who are not practicing as expected for their company classes will not be allowed to do their solo or duet at competition.  TEAM CLASSES are a priority and must come FIRST!!!

  • Remember you represent DanZQuest at all times!  Please be respectful of your teammates and other studios at all times.  Show good sportsmanship to your fellow teammates and others while at competitions and in the classroom.  Respect the rules and regulations of the competitions we attend as well as the staff who operate them.

  • I have read and agree to abide by the rules stated in the DanZQuest Company Members’ agreement/contract above.  I understand failure to comply with this agreement will result in automatic dismissal from company!! 

  • Signature is required on registration form.

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