DanZQuest is one of the well established studios in the Wilmington area!  The family friendly and energetic classes that we offer are based on building positive self esteem while teaching good forms of dance.  At DanZQuest our goal is to provide a place “Where Dance and Family are ONE”!



Featuring a wide variety of recreational and competitive dance training, DanZQuest is centered on building self-esteem through physical activity.  Classes are structured around group activity; however it also promotes the development of the students’ individual potential.  Students experience dance in a variety of forms.  The styles offered include Tap, Jazz, Clogging, Ballet, Modern/Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Gymnastics and Creative Movement.  The ages range from two through adult with ability levels from beginner to advanced.  Students will be placed according to age and ability.



1. Selected classes will be asked to perform in various community performances such as Riverfest, Azalea Festival, and charity visits.  Class selections are based on the upcoming event, the amount of choreography known, and the entire class’s ability to participate.  2. All students at DanZQuest are asked to participate in two showcases within the dance season at Kenan Auditorium. The December mid-year showcase is a performance that provides reinforcement of the curriculum taught in the first half of the year with fun, simple choreography in a personal audience atmosphere.  There is $50.00 concert fee for this performance.

3. The “grande finale” of the dance year is the Annual Spring Recital that will also be performed at Kenan Auditorium.  This Recital emphasizes more complicated choreography, costuming and staging.  It is a very special event that the students look proudly towards with months of preparation.   There is a $57.00 concert fee (includes 1 trophy, additional trophies are $7.00 each).  Costumes will be specially ordered and shipped from all over the U.S.A.  The costume fee for each student will be $75 for recreational and $85 for competitive classes per costume and must be paid in one (1) installment (see Payments and Fees).  If the payment for the costume is not received in full by the requested date, then the student will be considered a non-participant in the recital and therefore will not be included in the staging or choreography of the show.  All costume payments are final and non-refundable regardless of the circumstances.  Additional charges may apply if a student is enrolled in more than one “block” of classes, and therefore may require additional costumes, shoes etc.



1. Registration Fee:  There will be a $25 annual registration fee per student.  This fee is non-refundable.

2. Tuition:  Tuition is based on one yearly rate and then offered to you in a monthly payment plan.  According to your payment plan, tuition is due on the first of the month and considered late after the 10th.  A $25 late fee will be added to all payments that arrive after this date.  An absence will not be considered an excuse for non-payment and a late fee will be enforced.  If tuition goes 30 days past due from the 1st you will NOT be allowed to return to dance until it is made current.  Tuition is not pro-rated for holidays or any closing due to weather conditions!   Payments need to be made in the “payment box” or given to the secretary at the desk.  Please record the student’s name on any form of payment to ensure proper crediting of your account.  DanZQuest accepts cash, personal checks, master card & visa.  Returned checks will be charged a $25 insufficient funds fee.  After two returned checks you must pay in cash or money order for  the remainder of the dance season.  Discounts are given to students who are enrolled in more than one class excluding company classes.  Tuition and all fees must be paid in full to participate in recitals prior to the performance date.

3.  Spring Recital Costume Installment:  A payment of $75.00 for recreational and $85.00 for competitive classes is due by October 15, 2018.  If the payment is not received by October 15, 2018, there will be a late fee of $25.  All costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If costumes are not picked up 60 days after arrival date, they will become DanZQuest property.  Tights, shoes, special hair pieces and alterations are not included in the fee.  Tuition and competition fees must be current before any money will be applied to costume fees.

4.  Recital Fee/Performance fees:  DanZQuest will collect a $50 fee per family for the December mid-year recital.  This fee will be due November 19, 2018.  DanZQuest will also collect a $57 fee per family for the Spring Recital. Both fees help  to help pay for the theater rental, lighting technicians, programs, decorations etc. & 1 trophy (additional trophies are $7.00 each) for the recital.  If trophies are not picked up 60 days after recital, they will become the propert of DanZQuest.   No tickets will be necessary once the fee is paid.   The spring recital fee is due by May 13, 2019.   If the fee is not received by the due date, a $25 late fee will be applied. The student will not be allowed to perform in the recital.  Recital fees are non-refundable!!  All accounts MUST be paid to date to particiapate in the December Christmas show and June recital.   


Contacting Instructors:  Class schedules are VERY tight!  Our instructors will give your questions and concerns proper attention but this CANNOT be done in between classes or during class time.   Please leave a note with the secretary or put a note in the payment box addressed to the instructor.  The instructor will call you at their earliest convenience.  If you need to contact Tanya Evers (owner) please email me at clogginmonkey@aol.com.

Phone calls:  You may leave a message for a teacher at the studio.  Do NOT call staff members at home! 

Disruptive Behavior:  Disruptive Behavior will NOT be tolerated!  If this occurs repeatedly, the parent will be contacted.  If it continues, the student will be dismissed from the class that day.

Opening Class Doors:  Please respect our instructors!  All classes are closed sessions!  Do not open the door during class time.  Please wait patiently in the lobby.  When classes are over, the instructor will open the door for the next class to enter.

Private lessons:  Instructors/Parents may indicate that a student needs an individual lesson.  Private lessons are done by the hour ($35.00) or by the half hour ($20.00).  Fees are paid to the instructor.  DO NOT pay DanZQuest.  Solos/duets/trios are a flat rate of $200 per student.  This will include chorograpy, editing music and all private lessons until January 2019 that the instructor thinks is needed. After January the half hour or hourly rate will appy.  Payment is made to the instructor. 



DanZQuest will continually reinforce the importance of attendance.  All students will be reminded that absences from class, even from one student, affect everyone’s progress and advancement.  Attendance will be taken in each class and students with perfect attendance will be recognized at the Spring Recital. All perfect attendance students will receive free registration for the following year and a perfect attendance pin.  Company students cannot have more than 5 unexcused absences for the season.  If they have more than 5 unexcused absences they will be pulled from competition and only be allowed to participate in local performers and recital.  No competition money will be refunded by DanZQuest



DanZQuest reserves the right to dismiss a student from instruction at any time.  Tuition for the month attended during dismissal will not be refunded.  Any unused tuition after the dismissal month will be refunded to the parent by the studio.   If a student quits on their own then no tuition for the month will be refunded.  If the student has paid in full for the year a refund will be given but there will be a $55.00 penalty imposed.



Newsletters will be sent out by mass email the first week of each month and will be posted on our website @www.danzquest.com.  The monthly newsletter will also be posted at the studio.   Please read the board each week so you can be up to date on studio events.   It is very important that you read the monthly newsletter and the board!



All photographs of students by any DanZQuest staff member, photographer or parent shall become property of DanZQuest and may be used for advertising or for use on our web site and any social media site. 



Our dance year will run from September to June.  DanZQuest will close for a Christmas break and a Spring break.  We will typically follow the New Hanover County Schools schedule for breaks and closings; however, we do not close for teacher workdays. If a class is cancelled for unexpected circumstances such as an illness, we will provide a make-up class for the students affected by the cancellation.   If classes are canceled for weather concerns, the class will not be made up.  Any closings will be announced on the answering machine, posted at the studio and on our website @www.danzquest.com.  Please call 397-2822 prior to the closing date if you have any questions.


Arrival to and departure from DanZQuest should be done in an orderly fashion to ensure the safety of our students and their families.  We ask that students are not dropped off more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled class time and that they are picked up promptly after class is dismissed.  Our staff cannot supervise students that are dropped off early or picked up late. Parents should not interrupt teachers during their class.  Please call if a student is going to be late or absent from class.  Parents:  Students are to wait INSIDE the studio until they are picked up.  If a student exits the studio unattended, DanZQuest will not be held liable. 



No horseplay:  Parents are asked to keep students and waiting siblings from aggressive horse play!

No acrobatic tricks:  Students should not be performing any gymnastics TRICKS in the lobby!

No pets or animals are allowed in the building! This will eliminate any allergy situations for all.

Snacks/Drinks:  DanZQuest has a variety of snacks/drinks and water for sale.  ALL snacks/drinks are .50 each and water is 50 each.  Please pay the secretary at the desk.


Label:  Please label ALL shoes, dance wear, dance bags, coats etc., with the students first and last name.  Many items get left behind at the studio.  If an item is left behind and it is properly labeled the studio will attempt to contact the parent and hold the item with the secretary.

Lost and Found:  The lost and found is located in the lobby by the bathroom.  Items left at the studio during winter break, spring break and summer break will be donated.  Please check the lost and found regularly.  DanZQuest is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

Selling shoes and clothing:  DanZQuest has a bulletin board located on the right side whe entering the studio.  Please place a card on board with name and phone number of items you would like to sell.      



All students and parents must exhibit the proper behavior at all times while on the premises of DanZQuest.  Parental supervision is required prior to and immediately following each class.  We will not tolerate inappropriate language or conversation within the studio. There will be NO chewing gum in the dance room at all.  Our more advanced students who take more than one class back to back may bring water into the class.  Students need to use the bathroom BEFORE classes begin!  Every effort is made by our instructors to begin and end classes on time, yet if for any reason the instructor runs over time, the following classes will be extended to compensate.  Please realize that the “warm-ups” performed at the beginning of class are a vital part of injury prevention.  Students should make every effort to arrive on time.  Late arrivals should be considerate of the class in session and participation in the class will be left to the teacher’s discretion.  Students must follow shoe and apparel list in order to attend class!! 


                                                                                 We Look Forward To Serving You This Dance Season!