Featuring a wide variety of recreational and

competitive dance training. DanZQuest is

centered on building self esteem through

physical activity. Classes are structured

around group activity, however it also

promotes the development of the students’

individual potential. Student’s experience

dance in a variety of forms. The styles

offered are clogging, tap, jazz,

ballet, modern/lyrical, hip-hop & gymnastics. 

The age’s ranges

from two through adult with ability

levels from beginner to advanced.




Tap/Creative Movement - Very popular class for 2-3 year olds.  This is a 1 hour class - 30 minutes of tap (basic tap techniques is taught - heel struts,  toe tapping, shuffle step & shuffle ball change) 30 minuntes of pre ballet (including ballet positions, rhythm in a fun enivorment, coordination & strength & tumbling).  This class is STRESS FREE and is FUN for the little dancer just starting out.


Tap - Classes include warm up, individual & partner learning, rhythm sounds, pull backs, time steps & combinations.  Students will learn different tap/music styles.  Tap classes are taught in levels of ability, each level building off the other.


Jazz - Classes include warm up concentrating on body placement and lots of stretching.  Stretching strenghtens the core of a dancer and helps a dancer do various styles of dance.  Jazz develops the abiltiy to isolate the body & improve flexibility.  Leaps, jumps & turns are taught. 



Ballet - ALL dance styles are centered around ballet.  Stretching, conditioning, learn positions, body placement, barre work, grace & poise.



Hip Hop - Get in touch with your funky side........learn the coolest moves inspired by today's dancers.  Dancers learn to find their inner GROOVE and style.  Hip Hop is very popular & ALL classes are engergetic & are ALWAYS taught with appropiateness. (Break dancing, freeze moves ect.) Students MUST be 4 years old


Lyrical/Modern - Classes focus on jazz/ballet put together.  Lyrical/Modern is about trying to convey the emotion of lyrics to a song. 


 Gymnastics - Coordination, flexibility, basic floor work including - cartwheels, forward & backward rolls, backbends, front walk overs & back walk overs & floor work.  Back tuck/flips for the more advanced student.



Clogging - Classes focus on warm up/floor work with a fast, fun, high energy dance style.  Buck style clogging is taught and put with fun music choices.

Students MUST be 5 years old